Switching Teams

Later this month, I will be starting work on the MSN Spaces team.  For now, I am leaving this blog up as a resource; but I do not expect to be updating it with Publisher content.  Here are my most frequently viewed posts:
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Which MS Office Suites is Microsoft Publisher 2007 going to be in?

According to this pretty graph on microsoft.com/office/preview, Publisher 2007 will be in the Small Business, Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise suites of Microsoft Office 2007.  As someone working on Publisher, I’m really glad that all of the higher-end business and professional suites will include Publisher.
I think Publisher is a great value for Home and Student use also, but I’m guessing folks who want Publisher will may consider buying Small Business or Professional instead of Home and Student.
Also, for folks who are so excited about Publisher that they’re starting to save now, the marketing folks have posted estimated retail pricing
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Publisher “12” to be called Microsoft Publisher 2007

The branding for Office "12" was announced last week (while I was on vacation) and the company is going with the date schema of "Microsoft Office 2007."  I’m personally glad that we’re using a date again since I remember attending a trade show in 2003 and trying to understand from customers who had "XP" if they have Windows XP + Office XP or Windows XP + some other version of Office; or possibly even some other version of Windows + Office XP. 
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Publisher Classes

All over the country (and world), there are classes being offered in using Publisher.  Here are a few that have crossed my inbox.  While this is not a comprehensive list, I hope this helps paint the picture of where you may be able to find a class on Publisher.  If you know of others, please feel free to add these to the comments section.  Thanks.
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New Book: Easy Web Design (includes Publisher)

I found out that a new book on "Easy Web Design" is coming out that includes information about designing with Microsoft Publisher. 
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Article on Networking with Business Cards

I came across a great article: "10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards" that I thought would be relevant for blog readers both because of its relevance to growing businesses and also because Publisher is a great tool for creating business cards.  A short run can be printed on a desktop printer with paper from the local office supply store; or a larger run can be taken to a commercial printer. 
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